WorkBC’s commitment ensures that you won't leave empty-handed. - Zoya Talha

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New Immigrant to Canada

I arrived in Canada in August 2022 on a work permit and actively sought employment from January 2023. Unfortunately, I was not successful in finding a job during this period. Once I obtained my PR, I reached out to WorkBC Centre Guildford for assistance.

The major challenge I faced was the recession in 2023, which resulted in limited job opportunities and company layoffs. There was intense competition for available jobs, and opportunities were scarce. Additionally, my temporary visa status prevented me from accessing various benefits that one could avail after registering with WorkBC. This limitation made my job search journey more challenging, as I lacked access to the enhanced resources and platforms that could have facilitated a smoother job search.

The comprehensive assistance provided by WorkBC, particularly in navigating the challenging job market, made them a crucial resource in my employment journey.  Their valuable job search resources, career development workshops, and the support of my job coach, Rashi, proved instrumental in helping me land my first job in Canada in December 2023 with MOSAIC. My job coach, Rashi Jain, has been my greatest support throughout this process. The mock interview conducted by her proved to be pivotal in preparing me for the actual interview and ultimately landing the job. I am extremely grateful to WorkBC Centre for all the support and guidance they have provided.

WorkBC kept me informed about job fairs and various employment opportunities, offering a crucial wage subsidy letter that played a quintessential role in attracting employers to consider my candidacy.

For anyone seeking assistance in securing their first job in Canada, a visit to WorkBC is highly recommended. With their consistent support and guidance, you are sure to find valuable resources that will significantly increase your chances of successfully landing a job.

This is for anyone embarking on their job search journey in Canada, WorkBC’s commitment ensures that you won't leave empty-handed and will increase your chances of successfully landing your desired job.


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