WorkBC made me believe in myself!

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My name is Anna and I moved to British Columbia with my husband and kids from Montreal. I was unemployed and looking for a job for three months. Coming from Montreal and not having any work history / experience here in BC and being a person with a permanent disability, I faced many difficulties finding a suitable job.

I decided to try WorkBC because my husband was able find a job with their help. The process was easy and I was contacted by a staff member immediately to know about my needs.

WorkBC Centre Guildford scheduled an interview for me with a case manager who referred me further as a candidate for the PBLMT - Community and Healthcare Interpreter program.

I am currently on my practicum work experience with the Provincial Language Services (PLS) attending virtual interpreting sessions with clients, service providers and an interpreter coach. I am also at Options Community Services supporting the staff with English interpretation and sight translation for Spanish newcomer clients.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to WorkBC Centre Guildford for their constant support and guidance. My case manager helped me with all the required paperwork and steps of the application process for the PBLMT program. I admire the dedication to assisting job seekers like me, and I am thankful of the great influence this has had on my life.

I sincerely thank my case manager for encouraging me to take this opportunity despite my physical disability and for providing me with ideas and options to overcome present and future challenges. I feel accomplished now that I am about to receive my certificate as a Community and Healthcare Interpreter. I learned the skills to operate effectively in the field of social and community service, I look forward to a brighter future where I can help my community, continue learning and contribute to the workforce.


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