Sim's Chases Her Passion and Builds a New Career

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toothbrush and computer in dental clinic

My name is Sim and I came to Canada in 2016. I possess a bachelor’s degree and had four years of work experience at a finance company as an administrative assistant in my country.  In Canada, I started working as a server at a restaurant and worked for f4 years. Due to the pandemic, I was not able to work as much as I used to before Covid-19. Therefore, I was in financial difficulty and wanted to change my career. 

I decided to change my career, but I didn’t know what to do at first. While I searched for information, I got to know about WorkBC and how it provides services to help immigrants find employment. I had a consultation with an Employment Counsellor, and she informed me about the WorkBC Employment Services. I was eligible to apply for this service, so I started my career development with WorkBC Guildford soon after.

As the first step, WorkBC Guildford helped me build a career plan. As a result of attending the Career Planning Program, I decided to become a Dental Receptionist. In the Career Planning Program, I took the Holland Code Assessment and the Personality Type Assessment, both of which indicated that I would be well-suited to work in the health service industry. In addition, I have had over eight years of experience in a range of customer-oriented service roles. After reviewing the dental receptionist program, I believed this program would allow me to combine my passion for healthcare and my skills as an administrative assistant.  

While I took the Dental Reception Coordinator program at Vancouver Community College, WorkBC Guildford supported me financially and my case manager encouraged me so much. Therefore, I was able to focus on studying and complete the program. After two weeks of program completion, I got employed as a Dental Receptionist.

Though I am new to the role of Dental Receptionist, I really enjoy my new career. I learn new things every day and it makes me happy to evolve as an individual.

I sincerely appreciate the support I received from WorkBC Guildford and my case manager who encouraged me and helped me build a new career in Canada.


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