Mr. Noh's Journey of Success with Resilience

Posted at: 31 Oct 2022
Aircraft Technician

Before coming to Canada, I worked as Air Craft Technician in Korea. When I came to Canada, I started working at Tim Hortons, but it was not what I had looked for.  I moved here with my wife and son. It was very hard to support my family with my salary. Living in BC requires a lot of resources with high rentals and heavily priced groceries. My salary was not enough to live in BC with my family. I decided to look for a new job with better salary with the hope to return to my previous profession.


Firstly, I tried to contact various organizations like Work BC Guildford, Indeed and took help from my friends to prepare for getting a new job.
Secondly, I made a resume, cover letter with the help of my Case Manager at WorkBC. They provided a workshop on how I should make a resume and cover letter. The counsellor helped me make the required changes in my documents.
Thirdly, I tried to search a lot of hiring posts in the Aircraft industry and applied for these. I prepared for the interview myself.
Finally, a few companies gave me an opportunity to appear for the job interview.


WorkBC Guildford helped me in drafting my resume, cover letter and reference. Moreover, my case manager kept modifying my resume and cover letter as per need.

Finally, I had a virtual interview for hiring. After 2 days, I received the job offer for Aircraft Technician. It is an entry level job in this industry, but I am happy to return to my previous career.

I was also provided with financial support like basic tools, steel toed shoes and gas fee to start work. It made me comfortable to start a new job as my financial burden was reduced.

It was a wonderful experience with WorkBC. My family is very happy for me to be starting the job that I wished for.



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