Lee Regains Her Confidence

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Administration Jobs

Hi, my name is Lee. I was disoriented and disappointed due to an unexpected job loss from my previous work as an office clerk at an immigrant consulting firm in December 2020. I felt like it was all my fault. I wanted to find a new job as soon as possible but I had no idea where and what to begin.

I felt like a child who was drifting away in a big ocean without knowing where to swim. Then I came across an interview article about Sunnie Song who is working as EC at WorkBC Guildford Centre in Vancouver Chosun Daily Newspaper (a Korean community newspaper). Before I did not know about WorkBC, so I learned about WorkBC's services through this article. I felt that I might get some help for my job search through WorkBC and contacted her right away.

I felt like I found a lighthouse in the dark ocean. Sunnie helped me even in the first phone conversation. She provided me with big encouragement, counselling and an explanation of diverse WorkBC services including long-term training interventions for EI receiving clients.  

After registration with WorkBC and the intake meeting, I received regular counselling from Sunnie, joined the career planning and job search workshops and attended online job fairs.  Especially through the Career Planning workshop by Sylvia, I was able to locate my strengths and aptitude which helped me select my job objectives. Also, I regained the confidence and courage to move forward to look for work. As a result, I was able to get more ideas on how to look for work. Through Job Search Workshop by Laura Mitchell. I learned how to find a job effectively by developing my resume writing, cover letter writing skills and interview skills. Additionally, Sunnie followed up with me on a regular basis and encouraged me to be on the right track in my job search. She also introduced skills training options if I need skills enhancement because of the lack of updated professional skills in BC. This was great info to know for my long-term career development. Ongoing counselling with EC at WorkBC allowed me to keep seeking an appropriate office admin job to fit my previous overseas work experience and strength.

Finally found an FT Administration position after 10 month-long job search. Currently, I am satisfied with my new job and my company that exports implant products to other countries. What I like most is that I can utilize my previous work experience and transferable skills learned from my previous job as a logistic administrator in Korea in my current work. I believe that I will keep developing my professional skills by working as an administrator with this company. After being hired, I called my EC, Sunnie right away to share this good news. She was pleased and overjoyed with my employment. She also explained the job start service too. I could not be employed unless I got WorkBC employment service. Thank you WorkBC, WorkBC Guildford staff and Sunnie Song. You did a great job for me to land this wonderful job by providing appropriate info, service and good advice during my difficult time of unemployment. Thank you so much again, I really appreciate it.



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