"I am truly grateful for the impact WorkBC has made on my career trajectory." - Amin

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Young Refugee Immigrant from Afghanistan

I am Amin, a refugee immigrant from Afghanistan. When I started looking for a job here in Canada, the challenges I faced were lack of experience, networking, and not being familiar with the job market. I started volunteering at ISSofBC to gain Canadian experience so that I could put it on my resume.

Then, I got to know about WorkBC. From my first meeting at WorkBC Centre Guildford with my case manager Aarti, it was evident that she possessed an exceptional ability to connect with and understand individuals on a personal level. Her warm, empathetic approach created a safe and welcoming space where I felt comfortable discussing my career aspirations and concerns. Her genuine interest in my success fostered a sense of trust and motivated me to strive for excellence.

Aarti’s expertise in the employment sector is truly remarkable. She consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the job market, industry trends, and skill required for career advancement. Her guidance and insightful advice proved to be invaluable in helping me navigate through the complexities of the job search process. The strategies and resources she provided were practical, tailored to my needs, and resulted in a significant improvement in my job prospects. I must express my sincere gratitude for her unwavering belief in my abilities. Her support and encouragement have been instrumental in bolstering my confidence and self-belief.

Now, I have successfully secured a training that aligns perfectly with my career goals and aspirations. I am under training for Healthcare Interpreter for 23 weeks and I am ISSofBC’s volunteer.

I am writing to express my utmost appreciation and admiration for my case manager and WorkBC. The dedication, expertise, and unwavering support have made an indelible impact on my professional growth and have exceeded all my expectations.

During times of doubt or setback, she provided me with the necessary motivation and reminded me of my strengths and accomplishments. Her positive attitude and words of encouragement instilled in me a sense of resilience and determination to overcome challenges.

I am truly grateful for the impact WorkBC has made on my career trajectory.




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